The History Of The Beatle’s Revolution

The Story Behind The Band’s Most Political Song


The Beatles never intended to be a political band. In fact, manager Brian Epstein did everything he could to steer the band away from speaking about social issues. He wanted the group to remain a pop act, not a political organization.

Early Recording (Take 18)

On May 30th 1968, The Beatles began recording Revolution. Lennon paired his lyrics with a down tempo blues guitar riff.

Revolution 1

The track titled “Revolution 1” is one of the two versions of the song released on the White Album. It’s a more polished recording of the first four minutes of Take 18. On the track producer George Martin removes the experimental outro and adds horns and backing vocals.

Revolution (Single Version)

Lennon remained determined to release Revolution as a single. However, he received push back from his bandmates. Both Paul McCartney and George Harrison thought the tune was too slow to catch the ears of the audience. They doubted it could chart as a single.

Revolution 9

The final version of Revolution bears little resemblance to the two previous iterations of the song.


Did The Beatles Revolution stick it to the establishment and shake the world?



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