The Canine-Secret To Grabbing Someone’s Attention

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

If you want to understand how to get someone’s attention online, look down at your dog.

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows how fleeting their focus is. One moment they’re entranced by their favorite chew toy. Then BOOM! A tantalizing odor, scurrying squirrel, or large stick steals their attention.

But every dog owner has an ace in the deck. A “magic word” that will make their shifty pet drop everything they’re doing and pay attention.

That magic word?


Almost all of the English language is gibberish to your sweet pooch, but the word “treat” holds a special place in their heart. They can’t help it. It’s more a reflex, than a choice. They hear it and their concentration zeroes in with a zen-like focus.

How Does This Apply To Content Creators?

In the internet age, a potential audience member’s brain operates in much the same way as their canine counterpart.

Their attention is scattered. Yanked in a 360 degree tug war between Youtube clips, cat memes, and the bevy of other distractions offered on the web.

Luring them over to your content may feel like a formidable feat, but you too have an ace in the deck; a “treat” you dangle in front of their nose.

This treat is the reward your prospect receives from reading or viewing your content. It comes in many forms:

Something that excites their curiosity.

An answer to their most vexing problem.

A roadmap to their wildest dreams.

An affirmation of their deepest beliefs.

These “treats” will be different in different niches, but every audience has them. Your job as a content creator is to find them and put them to use.

So make your audience an offer they can’t refuse. Get out your dog whistle and yell TREAT. And watch as prospects, like the dog in the metaphor, gladly stroll over and sit by your side.




Educator and Copywriter Who Writes About Creativity, Marketing, Pop Culture, And Occasionally Mindfulness Meditation

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Antonio Rengel

Antonio Rengel

Educator and Copywriter Who Writes About Creativity, Marketing, Pop Culture, And Occasionally Mindfulness Meditation

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