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  • Democrítikos


    Espacio de análisis político, histórico y cultural. Soy un periodista y comunicador interesado en informar, formar y entretener. Pensamiento crítico y ecuánime.

  • Roberto Rengel

    Roberto Rengel

  • Sarah Reade

    Sarah Reade

    A writer with a glass of red wine in hand and wondering where my curiosity will lead me.

  • Jim Kianese

    Jim Kianese

    I don't always know where I'm going, but I have fun getting there

  • Marcelo Trojahn

    Marcelo Trojahn

  • george mcmurray

    george mcmurray

  • Hannah-Louise Dunne

    Hannah-Louise Dunne

    A fan of brilliant writing, travel, podcasts and great story-telling.

  • Sharon Woodhouse

    Sharon Woodhouse

    Sharon Woodhouse is a coach, multipreneur, small business consultant, and book publisher, interested in ideas, cities, big questions, more. TW @ConspireCreativ

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