Choose Or Be Chosen: It’s Your Choice

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Have you ever watched American Idol?

To jog your memory, it is a popular televised singing competition. Each season swarms of amatuer singers compete for a chance to become the next great American Pop Star.

Within this swarm are hundreds of thousands of individuals. Each one longing for a panel of celebrity judges to validate their musical talents, and open the door to a world of success and stardom. They are hoping to “be chosen”.

A lot has changed since the first season of American Idol. The once fledgling internet is now a ubiquitous force. The external sources that once decided if we were good enough to showcase our talents have greatly diminished.

The technological revolution has birthed hundreds of platforms where people can share content. There is a near endless buffet of choices where we can upload our ideas, present our skills, and share our work.

Yet many of us are still waiting to “be chosen”

We want some external force to give us permission to do what we want. A guiding hand to reassure us that we really are the thing we want to be. Whether that’s a singer, writer, or painter.

Now technology has given us a choice.

We can choose to be a writer. Without a publishing company

We can choose to be a musician. Without a record deal.

We can choose to be a painter. Without having a gallery open.

This is a decision we choose to make. The decision to do the work and sharing it with the world.

There are no guarantees in this choice. But nothing is certain in the universe. But if you choose to do the work, and make the thing you are compelled to make you put the cards in your hand.

While “gatekeepers” still exist, they no longer hold all the power. With the resources available, there is no excuse to wait to “be chosen”. There is no gatekeeper to blame. It’s up to you and you alone to choose what you want to make and do it.