The Ugly Truth About Our Most Cherished “Flaw”

In today’s type A society, “the perfectionist” is a lauded title. Often one step removed from genius. A fraternal twin to the savant.

The perfectionist is a rare breed of person. He is the innovator with the tenacity to see an idea through to its most complete form. She is…

Start with a tease, and other ways to captivate an audience of 1 or 1,000

For me, the late-night talk show has always represented a shameless form of star worship. How could a serious consumer of culture enjoy it? The fake laughter. The manufactured drama. The over-the-top host. It all screams phony!

But recently I’ve reconsidered. Talk shows are one of the few remaining forms…

The Story Behind The Band’s Most Political Song

The year was 1968. Chaos enveloped the globe. In the United States, civil rights and anti-war activists clashed over the escalating conflict in Vietnam. The assassination of political and civil rights leaders like Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King spread distrust and panic amongst the populace.

In Europe, Soviet tanks…

During the 90s, The Simpsons writers’ room was a mecca for up-and-coming comedians.

Legends like Conan O’Brien, Greg Daniels, and Pixar’s Brad Bird cut their teeth working on the show. While many notable writers filled the chairs, one name towers above all in Simpson’s lore- John Swartzwelder.

Critics consider Swartzwelder…

Do you remember Kindergarten art class?

For me, it was magic. I can recall memories of staring in awe at a blank page. Filling it with splashes of colors and patterns. And proudly displaying my crude (and likely crappy) work to my parents. It might not hang at the Louvre…

Antonio Rengel

Educator and Copywriter Who Writes About Creativity, Marketing, Pop Culture, And Occasionally Mindfulness Meditation

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