2020 Fuck This Year: Kick Out The Jams Playlist

Alas! The 31st of December 2020 is upon us. A day which could not have come fast enough. In less than 24 hours this hellacious, polarized, plaugey year will be over.

Due to circumstances, normal New Year’s festivities have been cancelled. And most responsible adults are likely cooped up at home in search of a more homely type of New Years cheer.

While we wait out the waning hours of the year, I propose a toast to the things that have kept us sane during a most insane year. For me the two greatest sources of sanity were music and friendship. I find both a great song and a great friend can make the unendurable; slightly tolerable.

In celebration of this dynamic duo I have created a fresh year end tradition:

The End Of The Year Kick Out The Jams Playlist

Or as I call it this year…

The 2020 Fuck This Year & Kick Out The Jams Playlist

How does it work?

Start a playlist on Spotify, Tidal, or your song streaming app of choice. Send a link to a group of your closest friends. Have them each add 1–10 great songs that they discovered or re-discovered over the course of the year.

Bonus points if it’s a group of friends with eclectic tastes. This is a golden opportunity to bring together the jazz snob, hip hopper, and metal head in your life for a common goal.

The playlist is a great way to bring together friends, commemorate another calendar year, and make a long list of banging tunes for all to enjoy!

The year is coming to an end but the dance continues. May the tune of the next year sing louder than the one note dirge we all lived through.

If you’re kind enough to read this; I’d ask you to kindly add a song.